Tuesday, 14 April 2015

SARAH'S WILL (Spiller nee Gregory)

Today I spent some time transposing Sarah's Last Will and Testament. Sarah had been widowed after only 7 years of marriage to her husband Georgius Spiller. She and Georgius had two children Sarah and George. Sadly George died aged 12.
Sarah's first wish from her last will and testament was that her body be committed to the earth and interred in a private manner in the burial grounds "Bunhill Fields" near London. This request was dependent on her passing away in London or within a 10 mile radius. No stipulation was made as to where she should otherwise be buried. She owned considerable bank stocks which were distributed amongst family and also owned a rental property with a 52 year lease which she  left to her daughter so that she may enjoy the rent monies however she desired. Should her daughter Sarah, predecease her husband John Boyd then he would inherit the property. A sum of ten pounds was also left to her maid servant along with any clothing as her daughter should think fit and convenient. She seems to have admired her son-in-law John as he was also left a substantial sum of money and was nominated as the executor of her will. One cousin, Mary Blanch, was to receive money for the term of her natural life. As was quite routine for the time, various family members were also left amounts of money for "mourning." Sarah seemed to have been supported by a loving extended family and her demise must have brought great sadness to her  family but especially to her daughter and son-in-law whom she seems to have held in such high regard.

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