Thursday, 16 April 2015


Yesterday a mentor and fellow Maryborough Family History Society member gave me some valuable pointers as to how to set out my blog, add gadgets and labels etc. I am learning so much about blogging and can't believe I have not attempted it before. It is such a great way to express a story and to hopefully find new family members.
I have added some new recipes (hence todays heading of Snails and Cucumbers) under the page of Sarah's Receipts.
It is an exciting journey for me as I am also learning so many more skills. I have so many more recipes to add and much more of Sarah's story to research and write. 
As well as cooking and medicinal recipes, Sarah has provided some instructions for Japanning ( heavy black lacquer) items which I will share soon. She notes that she made a "Jappan" though doesn't specify what type of item. She began it on 10 February 1695 but didn't finish it until the end of September 1696. Perhaps when I transcribe her instructions, the item will be mentioned.

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