Monday, 13 April 2015


Today I have been perusing wills relating to Sarah and her family. Notations made in her book regarding jewellery and gifts certainly match with the wealth distributed from the wills. 

A section of a codicil placed on her will dated 1754 gives an address of property she owned as the west side of  Great James Street in the Parish of St Andrew Holborn, Middlesex. Sarah's will distributed cash sums, chattels and property amongst her daughter and son-in-law,brothers, nephews, cousins etc.
The notations, above, from her book, describes the purchase of a new gold watch. The gold value being 12 pounds and 8 shillings and the watch overall costing 23 pounds. She has dated this purchase 2 August 1703. 
We then see that a month later on the 24 September 1703, a chain for her watch was 5 pounds, 8 shillings and 8 pence, the total cost coming to 6 pounds and 12 shillings.
I had a bit of fun with an historical money calculator and the result for 12 pounds in 1703 would equal almost 2000 pounds today. In Australian dollars we could surmise about $3800. 

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