Friday, 3 July 2015


I was reading with interest today a website called locating London's Past and having a lot of fun pinpointing significant locations in the life and times of Sarah. I can see on the map the church where she was married, where her parents married, the markets she or her servants may have frequented etc

For Erynne Baynes my longtime friend - perhaps a cure for our shared madness of family history!

Whilst adding to the medicinal recipes today, a cure for Madness caught my attention! Upon further reading of cures for insanity in the 1700's, I would be quite happy to have this home-made ointment rubbed on my head in preference to some of the other options for the time which included dousing in hot or cold water, purging and blood-letting as well as the use of the straight-jacket and confinement to an asylum.

The other recipes added today include a plaster for back pain and also a searcloth for breast cancer.